Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Powder Room with Tin Ceiling

It sure is hard to get a good picture in a dimly lit powder room, so bear with me!

My powder room was painted baby blue years ago. It was supposed to be a calm blue grey color, but was more of a nursery blue. I've lived with it, until now!

I first pulled down my copper brown mirror and painted it Annie Sloan cream and added a little dark wax in the details. 

Next came the small cabinet over the toilet, I also painted it cream and added dark wax with a tiny little paintbrush. I really love how this cabinet turned out!

Next, it was time for a wall color. I spent lots of time on Pinterest looking at "greige" colors. Since my last color went badly, I knew I needed to get it right this time! I used Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige. After I painted a little on the walls, I took it back and had them add the color in a second time making it 200% color. I wanted a chocolate milk shade of brown. Really creamy and warm, but not really dark.

Next was the ceiling tin project! Since we painted first, we were able to be sloppy in the ceiling. Let me tell you what a blessing that was. Painting a tiny powder room is the worst. I had to sit in funky positions, put my head behind my toilet while straddling it, try and get behind the pedestal sink without getting the sink or pipes coming out of it. It was work! 

But oh the work was worth it! Here is the same ceiling as above with the tin up and the vent cover back on. The tin I had used before on a backsplash in our old house and knew it was easy. It cuts with scissors and applies with heavy duty spray adhesive. It really doesn't get much easier! This time around, it was given to us from a friend with leftovers, but can be found at Lowe's. Our powder room used 9 sheets.

Now it was the fun time to add a few accessories. The crate and twig ball are from Home Goods and the greenery and chicken wire bottle are from Hobby Lobby.

I added a vintage wire basket from Decor Steals to make getting a new roll easier on our guests. Housing it in the cabinet above the toilet was tricky when new paper was needed. 

Finally, I added a preserved cotton wreath above the toilet. It is also from Decor Steals, the newest most dangerous flash sale site I know!

So, what do you think? Want to add tin to a room in your house? 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Five Things I'm Loving Right Now...

Here are a few things that have caught my attention this week...

I wanted a couple of new cover ups for the pool this summer. How cute is this one? And, it is under $30 and comes in different colors and prints!

Next up, if you have dry hair, this Aveda shampoo will change your life. The longer my hair gets, the more it tangles. The more it tangles, the more it looks bad. The more it looks bad, the more I want to cut it off! This shampoo feels like conditioner! It is amazing! I had a sample from my hairdresser and used it every other day and found it had the same effect. Great news, since it isn't cheap!

I want this shirt in my closet. But first, I want it in my size. It is darling! I want to wear it with white pants and pink flats!

As an event planner, my feet hurt onsite! I stand and walk a lot. On the flip side, I am home all day and barefoot and my feet hurt. So, I visited a local store specializing in shoes for people with foot problems. You know the one, with more Birkenstocks than you knew existed. I tried these on and loved them! I wore them Saturday night and both girls with me wanted them, too! They look like cute wedges on the outside, but on the inside, they feel like perfect! Lucky for me, the store was having a big semi-annual sale!

Finally, on Cinco de Mayo we made watermelon mojitos and they taste like vacation. I want them to transport me to a beach in Mexico. Trust me!

We used Fancy Ashley's recipe here and used coconut rum instead of Bacardi and then added in fresh watermelon. Delish!