Saturday, June 13, 2009

2009 Family Reunion

I attended my Powell Family Reunion in Center Point, Texas on Saturday. My father is the youngest of 8 and they are all still alive and usually attend. With each of them having children and grandchildren and the siblings of my grandmother attending we draw a big crowd. And, like a good Southern family, we drink lots of iced tea. Sweet tea usually goes first!

Along with BBQ and sweet tea buying the BEST peanut brittle in the auction is an annual favorite. The auction is made up of donations from attendees and helps fund the meat and rental on the hall. This year's auction featured homemade pickles, jelly, brittle, leftover brisket and chicken from lunch and fresh vegetables from a family member's garden. You can't go wrong with the food.

PS- I did have my green jello mold! It was as good as always.