About Your Little Birdie

Hi! I'm Anna from Austin, Texas. 

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, Auntie, Christian and friend. I love online shopping, BBQ, coordinating shoes in every color, big jewelry, baking not cooking, entertaining, sweet tea, professional football, Swedish Fish, and decorating my Texas home Americana-style. 

I am a  part-time professional event planner, the mother of a cute funny little blondie, a suburb dweller, and an SUV driver. I have a Masters degree from Texas Tech University and climbed the corporate ladder until the summer of 2011 when I realized I wasn't doing what I loved and didn't spend my day with the people I most cherish. So, I asked to be demoted and am now a part time event planner from home and a full time Mom.

I am a third generation crafty chick. My mother could open a fabric store and my grandmother always gave homemade gifts to her grandkids. I collect crosses, milk glass, serving platters, and shoes. Your Little Birdie is my place to share home decor, crafts and recipes with other chickadees.