Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The United Colors of Accessories

I love colored accessories. I own lots of basic solid clothing and then make it fun with shoes and jewelry. That is my best piece of fashion advice- a cheap t-shirt paired with a big necklace can create a polished look for so much less. I love a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a bright bold necklace with brgiht bold shoes. Shoes and jewelry also carry across seasons and trends longer!
Because I can make my own jewelry, I have ended up with an excessive amount of it! This was my dresser drawer of necklaces. Every morning it would explode onto the dresser as I searched for the right piece to wear.

My sweet husband noticed my battle and when at Target this week he found me a jewelry chest for 75% off. This is my new jewelry all organized! I love it- I can open the drawers of the color combination I want and limit my options. My husband was shocked I filled the chest and that I own so many necklaces in the red/orange/pink family.
And, because I am certain someone will ask.... here are my color coded shoes. I have flip flops and dress shoes in another part of the closet. These are the most commonly worn shoes! Please tell me you all color code your jewelry and shoes also!