Thursday, February 4, 2010

Favorite Beauty Products

Show us Your Life with Kelly this week is about beauty products!
If the heater in your home is killing your skin- this product is for you! Olay Body Winter Retreat Body Wash has a sweet vanilla smell and is so full of moisturizers! I use it every morning and my skin has more shine, more color, and isn't chapped. I found it at the grocery store or Target. Less than $5 for healthy skin- I'm in!
My husband and I are HOOKED on Olay Body in shower Body Lotion. You rub it on after you have cleaned your body and then rinse it off. It smells great and you literally feel a layer of lotion on your body. So much easier and less messy that real lotion. My legs were so dry this winter and this and the body wash have really made a difference! I bought it at Target for less than $5.
I can not say enough good things about Pureology products. I have thin hair and this volumizing shampoo and conditioner gives me thick hair. I'm not kidding! It is expensive (like $25 per bottle), but worth it when I don't have to fuss with my hair or spend money on lots of other products to make it look good every morning. Click here for a location near you that sells Pureology. I read about this product on another blog and bought it on Amazon and it really does work! It is a little bottle, but you need a little bit. It is a white powder and you rub it in your roots where you want volume. I place it on the crown of my head and through the day I can lift that hair and it stays! It is pretty reasonable, under $15.