Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paint and Peel is Genius!

I purchased this Paint and Peel polish from SULA over the weekend and decided to be trendy and pretend to be 20 when I painted my nails Azure.
It goes one nicely and the first nail is dry by the fifth nail. You can't touch hot water for 4 hours and then the polish is set. When you are ready to remove it, it peels off like a sticker. I painted one finger and then peeled it after a few hours to make sure my nail wasn't weird or the polish didn't come off. It was easy easy!
I bought the polish at Anthropologie, but it doesn't appear to be online. It is sold at Ulta. Hopefully you'll find it at a store near you.
One problem, it peeled off 3 fingers after I showered the next day. I think it was digging my fingers into my towel to dry my hair. Shoot- maybe it'll work better on toes!