Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clothe Yourself With...

I saw this picture recently on etsy and decided I could make myself one! Here it is- perfect to hang in my closet above the hamper! What an awesome reminder of what God looks for in your appearance each day. I started by picking out 5 pieces of scrapbook paper from my stock.
I then painted a 8" x 14" canvas with a light yellow Ceramcoat paint. Three coats got it done!

Next I create my template. Using just an old scrap of purple paper, I made one big dress and then cut it into 5 layers. I scalloped the bottoms of each layer and numbered them 1-5. Just make your dress a little longer than you want so that when you cut layers and then overlay them you'll have the size you want.

I then laid my papers on the canvas made sure I liked them and started laying them down with modge podge. You can see where the "wet" parts are.I put a thin layer on the back and a thicker layer across the top and got my dress in place.

Next, I modge podged Colossians 3:12 in layers on my dress. Next up, I used my 1 3/8 inch circle punch and cut out a bunch of circle and then cut them in half.
Then modge podge the half circles around the edge. I recommend doing the top and bottom and then the sides. It will make sure that your corners match up.

To cover your straight or not so straight edges of the circles, line all 4 edges with ribbon. I put them down with modge podge and held the edges intact with Zots.

Finishing touches- Col 3:12 with marker, use Zots to add a bow, flower and button and spray everything with glitter spray paint!

Voila! The left one is mine and the right one is my friend Andrea's birthday present!
This was an easy and very rewarding project. Make yourself one!