Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Basket

What do you get when you combine this and these... with this?

You get my daughter's Easter basket? Isn't it cute! It is from the same person who made her Halloween bucket. Now, I'm all set until she gets older and has an opinion about these things!
I chose the simple non-Easter pattern so that I can use this in her bathroom. It is a perfect match! I love the double usage! If you are interested in a whimsy tin, order early! Jamie gets super busy and her Easter deadline this year was in February. She is incredibly talented and does so many buckets. Order Halloween now!

We'll be filling her eggs this year with Goldfish and Craisins. She loves both of them and doesn't need candy just yet! I was in Dallas this week at a very high end toy store killing time and noticed they had lots of Easter baskets lying around with names on them. I asked what they were for.... they were for parents who called in with their CC and asked the store to fill baskets for them. It was sad. These were $200 baskets filled with toys. Toys there kids may not want, already have or could care less about. Am I the old fashioned Mom who fills the basket with plastic eggs of snacks or are these Moms too busy, too wealthy, or out of touch?