Saturday, April 10, 2010

ETSYcetera- Labels

I love playing with paper- stickers, Sharpie pens, stationary, cardstock, scrapbook papers! You name it- I cut and paste with the best of them. Labels have come so far from the white rectangles Avery makes for Office Depot. Look at some of these options on Etsy.
Share a book or just mark it as your own with these adorable bookplates. Stick them right inside the front cover. There are options galor with these- fun colors, classy subdued colors, from butterflies to bicycles. I bet you could even customize to read: "This belongs to:" and your name. Leaving book out of it, this could be stuck to all kinds of stuff!
Everything that enters my daughter's classroom at school must have her name on it- that is sippy cups, bowls, spoons, tupperware, bibs, backpack, etc. It is maddening how much stuff goes to school each morning (and has to be washed each night!). So, I found these dishwasher safe labels on etsy and have been using them. Super cute in pink argyle!

These little birdie scalloped tags would be perfect gift tags. I would put "Given with Love" on the top and "The Jenk Family" on the bottom. Then you can buy a roll of cute pastel plaid paper and have these ready to go. They aren't sticky, but a piece of tape on the back will fix that. They are $5 for 25 tags.

I love the finishing touches on a present or a thank you note, so of course I love cute address labels. Look at these, just $14.00 for 24 labels and you custom pick the members of your family, the color, etc. How sweet would these be for a new baby in the family on announcements?
With over 17,000 labels on Etsy, I'm betting you'll find a set you can't live without!