Monday, April 5, 2010

Round Top- Spring 2010 Edition

Just look at this brisket sandwich on homemade bread.... it is worth the drive to Round Top alone!

My girlfriend Brandy and I drove to Round Top on Thursday morning. She is the first person to introduce me to the goodness and we just had the best time! We shop really well together- we want to spend about the same amount of time, have similiar taste and budgets, and talk frank about purchases that should or should not be made. If you've never been, it is seas of tents, sheds and RVs. It is NASCAR for women! The vendors set up shop for the week and just live there. This van was the vendors' home and their store front. They sold hand painted purses and shoes.

I loved the pink trailer with matching pink bike, pink table and pink ice chest!

I got some GREAT items this time around and didn't even spend all the cash I took! Look at these beads.... they remind me of Sprees candy. My cousin Keri always ate Sprees.

This full strand that I just need to place on beading wire was $17!

I also bought this painted clay necklace for $12.

This bowling pin picture frame is from one of my favorite vendors- isn't it darling? I like the height that it will give my mantle.

Both Brandy and I bought these bird feeders made from pie pans, mason jars and old plates. $15! Isn't it special?
Here are a few things we didn't buy: a giant Big Bird? Seriously?

Or waht about this one? I sent a picture like this to my husband and told him I had bought it for our yard and good thing we had brought Brandy's big SUV. It was April Fool's and he only bought it for a short time!

I love the colors of this old metal table. It would be so easy to recreate if you have one of these classic table and chairs on your patio. She was selling it for $850!

The shopping continues until Sunday and then comes back in October with Halloween and Christmas goodies.