Thursday, May 13, 2010

Children's Book Recommendations

I was an avid reader as a teenager and am hoping to have a child that loves to read, but when I was pregnant I was completely clueless as to the best children's books. One of my baby showers was a book shower and it was perfect! The ladies showered me with their favorites- from their childhood or their own children's favorites. It filled my bookshelf with a wonderful collection that Abby Lu loves!

I also think having a big comfy chair in your child's room is a must. It has gone from the breastfeeding chair in her nursery to her favorite place to sit and turn the pages in her books. I hope she does homework in that chair one day!
These are her current favorites and all of them are on Barnes & Noble's website and many other places I am sure!
This book is simple, has fun cutouts and the last page says "Peek a You" and has a mirror. My child kisses herself in that mirror each and every time!
Munch was a birthday gift from my friend Alison (sorry Andrea! ha!) and each inside page gets smaller and smaller as the rabbit chews more of the page. Abby loves to feel the pages.Isn't this the book of so many precious memories for parents of many years? We read it to Abby every night in her bed when she was a newborn. I would realize I had recited her the whole book before I noticed it was upside down. I would just say the words from memory and exhaustion while staring at her drifting to sleep. It is now a bent up sticky book from the months of love.

This book is genius! My friend Caroline has mentioned it before- I am certain Abby's first 100 words will be from this book. It is big and study and she loves to look at it. I need to be more diligent in really reading it to her. It is such an easy read.

I had a hard time finding a board book explaining Christmas and Easter and this one met my criteria. It explains the birth of Jesus simply, with great illustrations and she can't tear the pages. Perfect!

These next two are books I look forward to reading:
Didn't we all read this one as a kid? I loved the girl who wouldn't take out the trash! I'm certain I'll enjoy this book all over again in a few years!

This last book is the Jesus Storybook Bible and was recommend by Angie Smith about two years ago. It is just beautiful! Every page is a work of art and the stories make the Bible come alive. I hope to learn my Bible better through this book and teach it to Abby.

Happy Reading!