Monday, June 28, 2010

cReaTe sign

I took the same techniques used to create my favorite baby's blocks and made a fun new sign for my craft room. I swear I'll never be done with that room- please tell me your craft space is never done! It is a mess half the time! These are the simple inexpensive paper mache cardboard brown letters found at craft stores. I used Ceramcoat paint in a limey green and painted the outside and the top edges.
Then, I simply cut out scrapbook paper in the shape of my letters and paper mached it to the letters. These are easy to hang with 3M Double-sided foam mounting tape, also found at Hobby Lobby. For fun, I added a flower rosette leftover from a necklace I deconstructed.

These would be easy and cute in a child's room, teacher's room or above a doorway to say a pantry, laundry or powder room. They are easy to remove when your decor changes. I'm thinking a "Merry Christmas" set would be fun to mount during the holidays.