Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yard Envy

My neighborhood has a good number of retirees who have AMAZING yards this time of year. This one if just around the corner from me. They only use red flowers- it makes a big impact against the white rock of their home.
This yard has the largest pot of hydrangeas I've ever seen. Just a month ago the pot was 4 times this size. I drove anyone who came to visit me by this home to look at them. I love their raised bed.
This is my new favorite! The large "elephant ears" are such a vibrant dark green and are larger than normal! My front yard is just too much full sun for these or I would be planting away.

The elephant ears are a great backdrop to the brightly colored flowers spread throughout.
One day I will be a retiree and have a yard the young working families will admire!