Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Roman Shade

This is my new blue bathroom. It is Wedgewood Grey that honestly turned out much more baby blue that I expected. It was painted over a khaki color that I think impacted the color. But, I paid people to paint it and it isn't in the budget to do it all over again.

I'm pulling in a good deal of brown to help and take away the baby boy blue. I wasn't sure what I wanted over the window, but my previous curtains didn't go well with the new paint color. While I was thinking about what to do Centsational Girl posted a DIY Roman Shade and I immediately sent it to my Mom/Seamstress to see if she'd be able to help me.
Here is my new roman shade. It was a comedy of errors and provided it doesn't fall down or rip apart, I'll consider it a success. Just please, don't come over and look on the back side :)
A couple of tips I'd add to Centsational Girls' directions:

Plan out your folds and determine how long you need the piece of fabric before folds to be. We ended up making it too long once we realized our folds couldn't be the size we wanted. We just added more folds and hung it higher to compensate.

Placing the Dow rods inside the pockets is good- I couldn't find them long enough so I had to fuse rods together. They had to be taped like crazy.

A plaid or symmetrical fabric makes it a little harder to make a Roman shade with. I had expected to make bigger folds to give it volume, but it would have left me with brown on brown and the ivory hidden and I couldn't handle the visual of that.

CG hung her shade on a piece of wood and then just attached the wood to the wall. With my room, you enter on the side, so I didn't want the wood to show. We ended up using 7 plastic rings and sewing them to the top. It was a great solution, but made hanging 7 nails 7.5 inches apart while balancing on the edge of the garden tub tough.