Sunday, August 8, 2010

Southwestern Spanish Decor

I recently stayed at a hotel that has been recently remodeled and their color scheme was something I had not seen before. I took a few pictures of my suite to share the color palette.

The colors included a deep warm burnt orange, a golden khaki color and a greyish brown. The argyle curtains were a great contract to the more abstract prints on the chair that included a little pop of turquoise. It was very Southwestern, but in a modern way.
The chair and drapes were placed in the suite with a rust colored couch and a coffee table with a Spanish design inset on the top.
The turquoise really came out with the artwork.

The bedroom was connected to the suite's living room with open archways and an iron scroll. I loved the burnt orange wall! Being in Texas, but not attending the University of Texas burnt orange is banned from my house, but looked good in this room.
I would have packed this headboard into my suitcase if I could. It was a beautiful tooled leather that really brought home the southwestern/Spanish room. Loved it!
I hope this room inspired you, too!