Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fashion Trends: Never Say Never

There are a good number of fashion trends I told myself I would not do, i.e. neon colors, leg warmers, body suits, skinny jeans. My thought was that once you see a fashion trend come back from your childhood, you don't participate the second time around. Then it happens.... you don't participate, you are no longer trendy, you are old. I have fought the skinny jean for a long time and then the jegging (jean legging) until today. I gave in and bought a very comfortable pair of jeggings. With all of the tunics out there, I keep passing them by because a long tunic and boot cut jeans on someone 5'3" isn't cute.
Now that I have my own pair of jeggings, I can begin tunic shopping for fall!
I bought this pair from Macys and got them half off!

Do tell, any other jegging girls over 30 out there?