Monday, September 13, 2010


I recently sold my daughter's chest of drawers and her changing table and converted to a larger dresser, the HEMNES from IKEA. It is double the storage which we needed and a great size and height to serve as her changing table for a few more months. But, it came with gunmetal knobs that don't match her current of the toddler decor I have planned for her. Look a what a difference these crystal knobs make. I like the vintage knobs paired with the clean lines of the more modern dresser.
As my daughter would say, "ta-da".

I bought these and have bought other knobs on eBay. It is really the way to go- all 12 knobs were under $40. They are $8 or more a piece in the stores. You'll find lots of inexpensive options and can buy just the number you need.