Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Round Top Fall 2010 Edition

I love shopping in Round Top each October and April- I always eat good BBQ, find home decor, balk at antique prices, and come back tired and dirty from so much walking in fields of shopping goodness.
This store cracked me up and I wish I had gotten more up close pictures of it. It was trashy, vintag and with a Mexican flair. They sold old school Mexican dresses with pom pom fringe on the bottom and on the sleeves. They had deer antlers with tinsel, 70's printed furniture, and bright colored lawn furniture. It was the oddest combination of items! There were fall decorations a plenty including these very overpriced pine cones. I laughed outloud when I saw them thinking of Big Mama and her acorns.
I did get to see my favorite painted tin vendor and purchased this lovely pumpkin for my front porch. The bright turqouise rustic star was just too bright and springlike for these Autumn months.

He looked so lonely in my bag, that I brough home a partridge to keep him company in the lonely garage during the Spring. My partridge can be Christmas and possibly Spring. I like her!

Mark your calendars now- Round Top will be back in action the first weekend of April!