Sunday, December 26, 2010

Images from Christmas

We have had a wonderful Christmas season full of family, fun, food and the joy of watching all the season encompasses through the eyes of a toddler. She knew who Santa was this year and she knew it was Jesus' birthday and that combination made for a wonderful few days.
We attended Christmas Eve service with both of our Mothers who were visiting from out of town. Abby knew it was Jesus' birthday, especially after seeing the nativities at church the previous Sunday. She loved getting down on their level and kissing the baby Jesus.
She knew we needed to bake cookies for Santa and had fun laying them out on the baking sheet and pouring on the sprinkles. Too bad we forgot to lay them out for Santa!
We munched on goodies galore including my Mom's peanut brittle
and, my favorite pretzel M&Ms while playing games.
Thank goodness Santa didn't mind the missing cookies and left us a whole house of pink goodness anyway.
We enjoyed staying in with the cooler weather outside since it gave us the opportunity to use our fireplace, a rarity in Texas.
Finally, we enjoyed a whole slew of craft projects as we prepared for Christmas, Abby's new toddler room, and her upcoming birthday party.
My Mom made these napkins for me and numerous others this year- they are a simple half circle made with two coordinating prints and ric rac and the folded like a tree. Love them!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!