Thursday, February 10, 2011

Favorite Hair and Makeup Products

I could talk about hair and make-up all day long! I have tried most every product out there and have my definite favorites in a few categories. I'm still searching in many others! Unfortunately, I've found you get what you pay for in most cases. Here are some of my favorites-

I read about Dior Black Out mascara on another blog about a year ago. The next time I was shopping on Nordstroms and needed to spend a little more to get free shipping I gave it a try. It is so worth it for special occasions. It is my date night mascara! My lashes rub against my glasses with this mascara- amazing!
I love the Clinique Blush Brush because it is easy to apply and travels well. The blush is in the lid- so you close the product and when you turn it to open it, the blush is placed on the brush. Super easy and get application. It also seems to last forever- I don't understand how!
I am certain I have bought every chapstick product on the market. This was another last minute addition for free shipping and I'm so glad I bought it. Hands down- the best chapstick there is! It goes on greasy and makes my lips really slick. I am part of the people waiting on the backordered product to come back. I miss my lip care stick!
Along with chapstick in the winter, you need a good moisturizing body wash. Olay Winter Indulgence is the best. It smells great and works! I buy this in bulk in the winter (Wal-Mart is the only place I can find it!) and try to make it last year round.

Time to talk nails... have you tried Shellac yet? It is amazing! It is a manicure system with the polish more gel like that is painted directly onto your nails. It takes about an hour and lasts more than 2 weeks. My nails didn't chip or fade.
The red at 19 days was still so shiny that it was reflective. The only difference you can see is the "roots" from my nails growing out. Learn more about Shellac manicures here.
I found a new line of nail polish with the most wonderful colors! Have you heard of Butter London? It is obviously a British company, but it is also "3 free"- it is free of three of the major chemicals found in other polishes. They have a new navy color out called- No More Waity Katie- honoring Kate Middleton. I love her!
You can buy all of these at Nordstroms.

Okay, lets talk hair. My hairdresser used Pureology products when I started with her 9 years ago. I loved all of the smells and once my grocery store started selling them, it made it easy! I use their volumizing system because I like big hair! I buy the big liter of shampoo and it is like getting the 3rd bottle free. I have used numerous products in their line and liked them all.
I don't flat iron my hair- it is flat and straight to begin with, but I do own a CHI product- the CHI professional ionic blowdryer. My hair dries quickly, it is light and quiet. I also couldn't help myself- it is RED!
Thanks for visiting- stay beautiful!