Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Did I Pack Elastic Pants?

The food! Oh, the food of Savannah was amazing!

Marcus and I had our first meal and realized how much we have adjusted our eating to our 2 year old! We ate that first meal so quickly and with little conversation! The remainder of our trip we slowed down, enjoyed dinner, and talked about real life adult things. It made the meals all the better! I had done research and made us a daily agenda that included our meal functions. We made a few on-site adjustments, but for the most part, we followed our plan and were so impressed!

Our dinner at Broughton and Bull was divine! The bread and oil before dinner was so tasty! We had this meal just after our private carriage ride. The location is wonderful for entertainment all around and is clean and modern. I'd highly recommend the lasagna, best I've ever had!
I love bar-b-que, so I had to have Georgia BBQ and see how it compares to Texas. I went with pulled pork and was impressed. The sauce was sweet and a nice compliment to the pork. I loved that they offered fried pickles as a side item. So much better than cole slaw ;)

I also tried an olive and cream cheese sandwich as part of our foody tour. It was salty and a unique experience. I don't think I would order it in the future.
Our lunch on Monday was comprised of 2 hours and 6 locations! The foody tour was a highlight of our trip. It was just us and a tour guide walking around sampling the best of the little known places inside the historic district. She knew everyone everywhere and they had a table waiting for us. We had chocolates, cupcake, shrimp and grits, collard greens, cornbread casserole, olive and cream cheese sandwiches, ice cream samples, and bread pudding.

Of course we had to visit Paula Deen's place! Monday through Saturday, you have to make a reservation, but on Sunday it is first come and first serve on the buffet. After visiting a historic church in the area for service, we had the buffet lunch. We had roast beef, fried chicken, creamed corn, lima beans, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and more! Every person at the table gets a garlic cheese biscuit and a hoecake. A hoecake is like a cornbread pancake and is best warm with syrup. It was so good! Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. For dessert, we tried the walnut butter gooey cake and the banana pudding.
She also has a great store attached to the restaurant with merchandise. I bought a few spices and souveniers. She had baby shirts that said, "got butter?" instead of "got milk?". So stinkin cute!

Our first night in Savannah we had dinner at Uncle Bubba's Oyster House. Uncle Bubba is Paula's brother and his seafood restaurant is just a little outside of town on the marshlands. It is rustic, casual and wonderful! We shared chargrilled oysters (his specialty), a crab and shrimp cheesy dip, and fried pickles. That left us just enough room for these divine desserts. My shortcake was sweet and tart! Oh, and the sweet tea at Uncle Bubba's was the absolute best and I tried it all over town. The fresh mint and lemon wedge sold me and I'll be planting mint at home soon.

I loved every bite of Savannah and am glad I packed elastic pants! We ate all around town!