Monday, May 30, 2011

Show Some Leg!

I have recently lost some weight and am excited to buy some new Spring dresses one size smaller!I have been looking online for my reward dress and there are so many cute options out there this Spring. I love so many of them. I am trying to decide which I will get the most out of... date nights, work, a wedding in September on the beach... but, there are so many options!

Here are a few of my favorites- let me know which ones you like most!
Nordstroms- purple or pink

Garnet Hill- maxi, flowers or big sleeves

Lands End- green or red (these are both in the lead in my eyes!)
I think they'd be light and fun on the hot summer weekends and cute paired with a cardigan and big jewelry during the week. They are under $50 which is also a big plus!

Boden has a TON of dresses I love- click here to see all of them. They always have the best prints. Plus, the Macy's dress was recently on sale, so I bought it up! I think it'll make a great summer church dress, especially with the patriotic holidays coming up!