Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Help Me: How would you use this?

Does this look familiar to any Hobby Lobby junkies out there? It was part of the Spring 2010 collection and was hot pink, turquoise, and lime green? They had the tricycle along with other metal pieces like a bakers rack in the garden section. I fell in love with this when it came out and saw one on super clearance at my local store a few weeks ago. I bought it not sure how I would use it.
Over the past few nights I have painted it a very pale pink with white baskets and wheels and the aged it with a brown stain and then covered it in silver glitter! I wish you could see the details- it looks old and fabulous!

I made it pink and white for an upcoming baby shower thinking it would make a great shabby chic centerpiece. Here is where I need your help... what should go inside the baskets? Should we put a pot and plant? Vase and fresh flowers? Ice Bucket? Paper goods?

Can you think of a good food to serve from it? I love it and want to use it, but I am struggling with the best way to make use of it. Please share your thoughts!