Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sugar and Spice- Party Decor

This past weekend I co-hosted a sugar and spice shower for a former co-worker, Laura. She is having a little girl and that sweet baby has given her a sweet tooth! The co-hostesses and I wanted to honor that with a lot of yummy little desserts and simple sweet decorations.
The bicycle above was the centerpiece of the table- I got great advice for you all about what to put inside the baskets- we ended up filling it with the Dum Dum ball and the guests giveaway- small travel toothbrushes and toothpaste!

The food was the main attaction! The table had a simple white cloth and then runners made from burlap and a pink polka dotted fabric. We added extra pennant triangles to the table and fun paper goods from Sweet Lulu.

In the living room, we placed a few decorations since that is where the group would congregate to open gifts. I made a set of my favorite blocks with the sweet baby's name on them- don't you just love Ella Dane. It is sassy, Southern, and perfect!
Using the same paper as the blocks, I made a simple pennant attaching triangles cut from scrapbook paper to ribbon.
Here is the amazing Dum Dum tree another co-hostess made. She bought a white plastic bucket to go inside the bike and then added a foam circle just a little bigger than the opening of the bucket. She then just poked the Dum Dums sticks into the foam circle. This one was huge, but you could do most any size and make these for lots of party themes. We found this idea on Pinterest.
On the coffee table, we had a diaper cake and these cupcakes. It was fun to have gifts that looked like food on the table.
I'll tell you all about the cupcakes and the sweets we served soon. It was all delicious and these easy cupcakes were fun for the Mom-to-be!