Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Steam A Seam Projects

I had a really long list of shirts to be tackled by my Mom a few weeks ago when I was out of town. I love buying a new bag of t-shirts and going through my scrap fabric to make Abby and our new friend, Baby Ella Dane, cute clothes. I will be devastated when Abby no longer wants applique shirts. Fingers crossed I have a few more years!
These sweet little onesies went inside the cupcakes for her shower!
As you would expect, the Minnie Mouse dress is her favorite!

Steam-a-Seam is super easy to use! You literally cut out your fabric in the shape you want. Stick it to the steam-a-seam and then cut if out. Iron it onto your shirt and you are done! To help it last longer and give it a little more detail, my Mom runs around the edge in a zig-zag seam for me!

These make a great gift and go perfectly inside the onesie cupcakes!