Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bathtime Paint- Homemade

My child loves the bath! At almost 3, she takes a bath every night and will spend about an hour in the tub. I love giving her bath toys and foamy soaps, but she uses them up quickly. I saw a homemade recipe on Pinterest and finally made it. So easy and man, she is going to smell so good!
Pour 1 cup of bubble bath into a measuring cup. I went generic and it worked just fine :)
Add in 4T of cornstarch and mix. Pour into tupperware bowl with a good tight lid.
Add in a few drops of coloring and mix it up!
Clean bubbly goodness just waiting for your little one!
Be careful not to overdue the color or you might stain your tile or grout. Keep it pastel!
I can't wait for Abby to play with these tonight. You could easily gift these with a paintbrush for other children. Share them as party favors, even!