Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap

I am learning to love the new blogger interface- I dreaded making the change for so long! But, it is more user friendly, more customization, and it gave me an opportunity to look back at some blog stats. I thought it would be fun to do a 2011 recap- my most read blog posts may surprise you- it did for me!

The post popular post of 2011 is.... drumroll please.... my favorite beauty products! I find this funny! My blog is really about crafts, cooking and party planning more than beauty. My guess is that lots of people are googling Shellac which I covered in the post. 

The next most popular post in 2011- my daughter's 2nd birthday party themed with cookies and milk. I love party planning and kids parties are the most fun! I'm glad I could share this labor of love with lots of readers. Her 3rd birthday was 2 days ago and her party is next weekend. Get ready for "Dolls and Doughnuts"!

Along those lines, my most popular post ever is her first birthday, Abby Cadabby party. Abby Cadabby is so popular that I can imagine lots of people theme a party around her.

I had lots of fun doing the 12 days of handmade Christmas this year! So many of the ideas came from Pinterest- I am still not sure if Pinterest saves me money or costs me! The most popular 12 days item was the photo coasters. Along with it getting blog hits and repins on Pinterest, many of my friends made these as gifts for parents and grandparents. 

Pinterest has been my 2011 addiction for sure! I could spend hours on the site making myself fun to do lists. I have made numerous crafts and recipes from the site! Of all the things I have pinned, these potatoes have the most repins. How funny is that! I love these potatoes, but I had no idea they were so loved!

Happy New Year's Eve- I hope 2011 has been a fantastic year for you. I have loved blogging about my life and love looking back and then looking forward. I hope 2012 is our best year yet! Cheers!