Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Handmade Christmas: Gift Card Snow Globe

I hate to give gift cards. It is silly really because I never mind receiving them, but they just feel so impersonal when I gift them. When I saw this idea online, I knew it would help me get over my gift card concerns. Isn't this a cute idea!?!
You need a few basic supplies- mason jars, glitter, gift cards, and a few items to place inside your jar. I bought gold angels and balls at Hobby Lobby. They are with the mini tree ornaments. Snowflakes would be beautiful, too!
Hot glue the gift card onto the lid. I did a long fat strip and then pressed the card into it. I then added a little hot glue on the front and back to support the card. Hot glue pops off plastic easy enough that they can use the gift card and still have a globe afterward!
Next you want to glue on your goodies. When purchasing, make sure you buy items small enough, without too much detail and with a base that can be glued down securely.
Now, fill your jar with a few floating goodies and glitter. I added three more balls and both silver and white iridescent glitter. Fill the jar with water- I used filtered refrigerator water. Nothing fancy.
Turn your lid upside down and screw on tightly. No need to glue it shut - the recipient will have to open it to get the gift card! I used a very subdued gift card from Starbucks, but you could get a bright colored one and use those colors in your globe decor.
The balls float to the top and glitter settles on the bottom until you shake it all up!
I added a small gift tag and matching ribbon to my jars. A tip, write the gift message on both sides when hanging a tag. That will make sure when it is tied up all tight that it isn't blank :)
These globes are for Abby's two Mother's Day Out teachers. Not counting the gift cards, they cost my about $4 each. I had the mason jars and only purchased the ribbon, tags, and the floaties and glitter. I also have lots of ribbon, tags, and glitter left over for future projects!