Friday, January 27, 2012

Pink and Blue Girls Room

My daughter recently turned three and we decided she was ready for a twin bed! We wanted her toddler room to be fun, colorful and full of life. I love the way it turned out- take a tour with me!

Her nursery had blue walls with clouds and flowers. We didn't want to paint, so we left the blue walls and the clouds and just painted over the flowers. That meant that I needed to find bedding with blue in it. Since her nursery was primary colors, I wanted to use more pink this time around. I found her bedding on Pottery Barn Kids on clearance over a year ago. I just stored it away awaiting her being ready for a twin bed.

Her actual bed is from here. We have the queen version in our guest room- it is a great deal. I kept it white, but really debated painting it hot pink. I really wanted the footboard also, but the cost of a twin mattress and box springs shocked me and took up more of my budget that I had wanted!

Since I didn't buy the footboard, I was able to splurge on the pink shag rug and the pink tulle bedskirt from Target. Have you seen the pink tulle bedskirt on Pottery Barn Kids? It is beautiful and expensive!

Her PBK anywhere chair from her first Easter sits nicely in her room now and gives her a place to read. The little birdie on the chair was lovingly made by my Mom and I. It matches the oblong birdie pillow on her bed. I used yellow chenille, pink scraps from her curtains, and a blue small dotted fabric I found online years ago. We had planned to make a bedskirt from the blue fabric, but I fell in love with the tulle.

Her sweet little mirrored nightstand next to her bed is also from Target. It houses a recent family photo and her special Ok to Wake alarm clock. This thing is a life saver! I love the little drawer on the nightstand- it stores all of her silly bands and finger puppets :)

Above her bed are two shelves we installed before she was born. I am still working on what arrangement I like on these. She likes to take things off the bottom shelf!

At the foot of her bed is her books, bird cage, hooks for her hats and baby bed. I tried to bring in a litlte yellow in her room because of the large yellow chenille recliner we own. But, in the end, the yellow chair took up too much room and we took it out of the room.

The birdcage is from Hobby Lobby and I painted it pink and hung a small stuffed birdie inside. I made the subway art in the yellow frame. I saw a couple of etsy I liked and decided I could do it myself. Easiest project- fun fonts, cool colors and a color printer later!

Her art is very personalized- it is all the things we work on with her daily. She hears these things hourly :)

Across the room is her big Hemnes dresser from IKEA, her fish Dorothy, music player, and her collection of hair bows on a dress form. The "Abby Lu" artwork is from Small Words. Her work is amazing and she  opens her shop for like 24 hours once a year and then takes about 125 orders before closing it again. I was like #15 because I had stalked her site, Facebook and Twitter!

Her birdie decal is now sprouting from her toys. I wish I had a better way to organize her toys. There are so many small parts and they don't sort well. It drives me a little crazy. I think this with baskets would be a great piece for many years ( toys, then pictures, trophies, yearbooks, etc.).  One day!

Thanks for touring Abby Lu's new room!