Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday's Foot Fetish

I haven't done a foot fetish posts in months. I quit last fall when I changed jobs so that I could stay home with my daughter. My Zappos shopping has dropped dramatically which is a good thing. But, I have bought two pairs of shoes this winter that I absolutely love!

Michael Kors City Flats- $89 on Zappos

I have owned the pink since last Spring and am always on the hunt for a good black flat. There is something that bugs me about each pair I currently own... so I spent the money to buy the city flats in black. They feel more like a tennis shoe on, no break-in time, and they look much dressier than they feel. They are perfect on the go shoes! I wear them with jeans, slacks, and capri pants. I really want the tan suede pair now :)

I spend a lot of time at home in pajama pants. I thought staying home would bore me when I worked full time, but now, I love at home days. I never ever thought that would happen! Being home more, I needed good warm slippers. Our tile and hardwood is cold!

Ugg Ansley Slipper- $100 on Zappos

I bought a couple of inexpensive slippers at Macy's before Christmas and they didn't last. I had holes on the bottom of both pair within a month. I saw these and fell in love. Warm and fuzzy- check. Hard soles to last longer- check. Solid back to stay on when my feet are propped up- check. The price wasn't favorable, so I sold a pair of Tory Burch Reva flats on eBay and bought these instead. I wear them everyday and never wore my Reva flats. I bought the classic chestnut color and they came out in red the following week. Never fails- I would have loved red!

These shoes are well loved on Zappos- 135 reviews and still 5 stars!

Happy Shoe Shopping!