Friday, February 24, 2012

New Kitchen Gadgets

I recently had a gift card to Macy's and rather than buy clothing, I went upstairs and splurged on some fun kitchen gadgets from Martha Stewart. I am a sucker for fun colorful items in the kitchen and Martha has my number! So many cute things right now like my palm brush, citrus juicer, palm peeler, and quarter cookie sheet. The brush and peeler have a little finger hole so they fit into your palm and on your hand like a ring. The cookies sheet is the perfect size for a couple of slices of garlic bread or french fries for 2. She also has big cookie sheet with red or aqua blue bases. Love them!

I don't own a juicer, but have a few new recipes to try that call for fresh juice. I love this one- it worked wonderfully and stores the juice inside the cup. With the lid on, it can go right into the refrigerator. And, it shows you exactly how much you have. Genius!

I also bought a chopper for the random times when I don't have frozen onions in stock or I want to chop bell peppers and the like. I had one of these long ago and am happy to have a red one in my kitchen. 

Next time you are in Macy's, venture upstairs! Cute stuff awaits!

Just to be clear, no one from Martha Stewart or Macy's asked me to brag on them or compensated me. Just my opinion after shopping recently.