Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easy Easter Wreaths

My Bible Life group holds craft nights every now and again and I hosted this past Friday night. Can you tell what we were making? EASTER WREATHS! Last year we made a "He Is Risen" garland for our fireplaces. I love crafting and it is even more fun with friends and dessert!

 I made a big batch of my favorite Orange Cookies. These are so buttery and addictive! I've made them twice and both times people have asked, what is in these? It isn't overpowering orange, but just enough!

I also looked around on Pinterest for a really rich chocolate dessert. These Peanut Butter Cheesecake Brownies are AH-MAZING! They are best the second day and served cold. It is like fudge!

After eating brownies like this, I think these napkins are oh so appropriate!

Onto the wreaths, most of us made the plastic egg and grass wreath seen here. You simple glue eggs all over a wreath form and then plug in Easter grass in the visible holes between the eggs. Super simple, quick, and cheap!

We also had girls make the peeps wreath seen here. We all loved this wreath, but seriously questioned the shelf life of it. Between ants, the sun, and kids we weren't sure how long it would last!

I love the color combination of these eggs. And, the lillies are a great touch!

Here is my wreath- I was the only girl that opted for the super bright Easter eggs. I am just not a pastel girl :) You can see I used small and large eggs and tried to be random.

The finished wreath on the front door! The grass makes the spacing of the eggs very forgiving! I love the way it turned out!

I added a lime green bow at the bottom and lots of grass. I have a really hairy wreath, but hopefully not a hairy front porch! hehe!

Happy Crafting!