Monday, March 5, 2012

My Nana's Banana Nut Bread

My Nana passed away about 10 years ago. She was my favorite- a Godly woman who raised 8 strong kids (many years as a widow), a seamstress, over the top accessorizer, and a wonderful cook. She is all the things that I want to be when I grow up. There was always hard candy and a big hug to greet you.

She met my husband for which I am so grateful. I only wish she had met Abby. Sometimes Abby will stick her tongue out when she is thinking (a trait my Nana had) and I think they met in heaven. I am grateful her church had a cookbook each year and I have some of her recipes within in. 

I made 2 loaves of her Banana Nut Bread for church recently. It feels full circle to bring my Nana's bread to my church as I serve and hopefully make her proud.

Nana's Banana Nut Bread

2 1/2 cup flour
2 cup sugar
1/2 t. salt
1 t. vanilla
2 t. baking soda
4 eggs, well beaten
6 lg. ripe bananas
1 c. nuts (I like walnut halves and use more like 2 cups!)
1 c. shortening

Stir flour, salt, and soda together in small ball. Set aside. In blender, cream shortening, sugar and vanilla.Add bananas, eggs, and nuts to sugar mix. Mix well. Slowly add in flour mixture while blending. Put in well greased loaf pans (2). Bake at 350 for 45 to 50 minutes. Enjoy!