Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pipe Cleaner Rings

Me and Lulu had our first craft show in late April. While it was fun and educational, it wasn't super successful. It was a small show and the attendance was low. Everyone who came in the booth with Fabulous Shab and I liked our stuff, we just didn't have many people come in the booth!

While we were waiting on customers, another friend in the booth with us taught me how to make pipe cleaner rings. She was selling them to all the little girls and they were quite popular!

Simple directions- take 4 pipe cleaners and wrap the middle around a battery or chapstick tube to create the  size ring you need, twist it a couple of times.

Now take a green pipe cleaner (your leaves) and twist it around the top of your formed ring.

Using pliers or your fingers, tightly wrap the ends of the pipe cleaner to tuck the wired piece away. We don't want our rings to scratch anyone :)

Now you simple coil the end of the pipe cleaner in toward the middle. I did the leaves first and then moved onto the flower petals.

You can see how the coiling looks midway through the process.

My daughter and her two friends loved their new rings!