Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Favorites for Summer

Yea for summer! Here are a few of my favorite things right now that are perfect for the summer season!

This new Dole watermelon juice is sweet and refreshing! I love it after being at the pool or just outdoors. I am thinking I need to make it into popsicles!

Have you seen "The Shops" promotion at Target? They have products from boutiques around the country featured in the store. I ran into Target while at Sea World a few weeks ago and grabbed some lotion. I thought I'd try the Blueberry White Tea body butter. It is awesome- get some before it goes away. It is thick and moisturizing, but the scent is light. It isn't super sweet like blueberry- the white tea seems to lighten it. Really good stuff!

I have way too many Scentsy bars just hanging out in my kitchen! I bought a handful at a craft show last month with summer in mind- love this one! It is pear, apple, and lemon.

This is my favorite sunscreen! When we went to Cabo last fall one of the people we were with works in a dermatologist's office and this is what they recommend. It goes on easy, doesn't smell too strong and has protected my very fair daughter well so far this Summer. We spray her with SPF 70 every hour and she has gotten color without getting burnt.

I am a huge fan of oilcloth, especially for a pool bag. It can hold everything and you don't have to worry about wet stuff. Heck, you can rinse it out when you are done. There are tons of oilcloth options on etsy.

These glasses from Pottery Barn look great and they are plastic! I love that you can use a pretty goblet on the back porch without fear!

Lands End makes the best beach towels- they are thick, soft and big! I want to upgrade our beach towels this year- they are faded, thin, rough and too small!

I am fairly certain I would drink more water if it were poured from this gorgeous blue hobnail pitcher. I happened to purchase a knock off version for $15 at Hobby Lobby this week. Hooray!

Essie polishes in fun colors- these are the perfect pedicure colors for summer and I can attest they even look good on pale skin!

Have a great summer!