Monday, September 24, 2012

Emmett's Chicken Marinade

We recently had dinner with some friends and they grilled the best chicken for us! Emmett brought out the bowl of marinaded chicken and I knew it was going to be good. I had him send me the recipe and it was a cast of characters that I'd never used before.

I had to do a little grocery store searching to find the Goya products! They are on the "Ethnic Foods" aisle in my local (Texas) grocery store. I don't know if they are carried everywhere.

When everything is mixed together- it looks like this. Oh, and it smells like beer! This makes enough marinade for at least 6 chicken breasts. After I made this up, I ladled out and froze half for our next grilled chicken night.

The longer the chicken soaks the better! I let ours soak for about 6 hours.

We ate our chicken with mango salsa I had bought that morning at the Farmer's Market and it was delish! 

Emmett's Chicken Marinade

1 packet Sazon Goya (box includes 8 packets)
1/2 bottle Goya Mojo Criollo
1 can beer, any type will do
1 T agave
1T minced garlic
pepper, to taste

Mix all ingredients and add chicken. Soak at least 6 hours and grill. Enjoy!