Friday, October 26, 2012

Anniversary Gift Ideas

My friend Katy recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary and she asked me to make her some paper-themed gifts she had found on Pinterest.

She is updating her style to a more shabby chic look, so I send her this picture from Hobby Lobby as a possible frame for her wedding vows. She replied back "it is gorg" and I snatched two of them up for her.

Here are their vows to each other framed and ready for their nightstands. She was a little more verbose than he! ha! I printed these using Susie's Hand font in brown on ivory cardstock.

The next thing she wanted was a glass dry erase board for them to leave love notes to each other. Using her neutral color pallette, I sent her these colors and with her approval went to work on the board.

This one was also super simple, you print "I love you because..." on the scrapbook paper and frame it. Then, I made rosettes to hot glue onto the frame using scrap fabric and this tutorial.

Finally, Katy and her husband met in Austin, married last year in Cabo and now live in California. She found this map project and thought it would be perfect for their nomad beginnings.

This is made with a 10x20 canvas and frame. The maps are made using the snip it tool on my computer and mapquest. I think used my digital scrapbooking software to edit the square map into a heart. The maps along with the labels below were then applied using mod podge.

I love all three of these projects- what a cool use of paper for a first anniversary!