Thursday, November 29, 2012

Extend the Life of Kid's Holiday Shirts

I love holiday clothes on Abby and I always buy them a year in advance on clearance. This past year that has not proven to be wise- Abby went from a shirt size 3 to a size 6 in one year. So, when I pulled out this 4T Gobble shirt purchased at Old Navy last year, I was sad. I had no turkey day outfit for her and I had wasted more money on clothing while trying to save money!

Then I had a plan.... instead of cutting out a turkey from fabric scraps to sew onto a white t-shirt in her comfortable size 6, I just cut out the Old Nacy turkey on the size 4T shirt and sewed it onto the white t-shirt like I would an applique. It was easy and I think she looked mighty cute!

So now, I can get 2 wears out of holiday shirts! Or, whenever I see holiday shirts I like on clearance, I don't have to worry about the size! Genius!