Thursday, November 8, 2012

Photo Prop Chair

We are having family photos done this weekend and I have the vision in my head of us all looking perfect, smiling big, and the sun shining just enough to create magic and not blind us. 

Part of that vision is an old chair that perfectly matches our outfits as a prop for us to sit on. I hunted Goodwill stores around town and found this "beauty" for $10. It wasn't exactly the shape I had in mind, but the price was right!

I wanted to paint the chair an orange spice color to match a portion of my daughter's dress. I bought a small tub of Annie Sloan Barcelona Orange and added the red and cream I already owned. It started out too pink, so I kept adding red to help. I used all of the orange or I would have added more. I should have started with orange and red first and then added cream if needed.

See what I mean- the first coat scared me. This would be cute in a little girls room, but doesn't match my spicey orange vision!

After two coats I took it outside to see how it would photograph in the sunlight.

It is much closer to my color that the first coat inside. Now, I had a big decision to make- clear wax or dark wax? I painted a small sample on wood and applied dark wax. It made the pink/orange color much more of a rusty brown, so I decided to keep it bold and went with clear wax, after a little sanding of course!

Here is the finished product with the inspiration dress... what do you think?

I think it is going to work well! It is a pop of color among a brown field that will draw your eye into my color scheme. I am wearing peach, ivory and camel and my husband is wearing butter yellow. 

Another big part of my vision was a crazy made to match hair piece for my daughter. Check out who I found on Etsy- her work is amazing and my custom hairpiece is a perfect match!