Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why I Have Presents Wrapped Early...

I love wrapping paper! I love creating a theme and buying all the wrapping accessories I need to make my packages look good. I like to buy it all half off on December 26th. I like more rolls than I need so that I have variety under the tree. I also like wrapping my presents super early as in I have 15 presents wrapped before November 8th.

Here is the deal.... I love giving gifts and I am not good at waiting. So, wrapping them as soon as I get them helps me to not give them out early. I have another problem, I tend to second guess myself and think I don't have enough for one person or another. Having them all wrapped and labels prevents me from adding more gifts into the box and also makes it easier to see how many I have for each person.

My advice on gifting and wrapping early is this:

 Wrap them and label them, but don't accessories them early. Wait until they are going under the tree to add bows, tulle or ribbons. They stack nicely when those things aren't yet included.

Keep a spreadsheet. I have a Christmas spreadsheet each year and it includes gift ideas, items bought, amount spent and money left to spend. It helps me stay on budget and know what I still need to spend as December nears and money gets tighter.