Monday, December 31, 2012

4 Years and 2 Days

I waited 4 years and 2 days to hear "Congratulations. You are pregnant". Those were the LONGEST 4 years and 2 days of my life. In that time, Christmas came and went; friends met, married and had children; an empty room became a craft room because an empty room is just too sad; tears were shed and smiles were faked; a marriage was tested and then strengthened. It all happened in 4 years and 2 days. The LONGEST 4 years and 2 days of my life.

Today, my daughter is 4 years and 2 days old. How can time fly this fast after crawling for so long? How can I blink and she is talking, walking, singing and wearing size 6 jeans? 

On a flight to Hawaii this fall, I had the song "Beautiful Things" by Gungor on my iPod and just fell apart. God always speaks to me in flight. I can turn off the world and just look into the clouds with my iPod.

I have met so many people going through infertility- some are waiting in prayer, some are carrying babies, and some are raising kids. God is near them all. He loves them all equally. He does not abandon us in despair or in joy. He wants us to live life and live it abundantly. He also has a plan for our lives and a calendar that we can not view. And when waiting on a baby, all you want it a plan and a due date.

God made something beautiful out of my infertility. He made something beautiful out of my life. He turned something so difficult into something so joy-filled. I pray He will do that for all couples waiting.

Happy Birthday my beautiful Abigayle Lucille.