Thursday, December 20, 2012

Abby Lu's New Purple Room

 My daughter had a baby blue nursery and when we got ready to move her to a little girl bed, she offered up no opinions on colors of theme to her room, so I kept it blue. Over the past few months, she has asked for a purple room. I asked her at least 20 times over the two month period, and she never wavered. So, the day after Thanksgiving, while she went shopping for the day with my Mom, my husband and I granted her a purple room.

Do you think she likes it? And, I may be partial, but isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen? We chose Sugared Plum from Wal-Mart and had it slightly lightened when mixed at Lowe's. It was the best match to the light purple flowers in the new bedding.

I started with finding bedding I liked. I wanted it to be printed to allow for stains, have a purple color that could be put on the walls (not all dark purple), include pink to keep her shaggy rug, and if possible, include blue since we had some blue elements in her room. I ended up selecting Pop Garden from The Company Kids. I looked at a ton of bedding- you can see my top picks here

We added a new Hemnes nightstand to her room. It matches her IKEA dresser and new bookcase. I love the cost and simplicity of IKEA furniture for a child. I loved her mirrored nightstand from Target, but it cracked when a toy hit it a little too hard. It was a sad day! Right inside the door, I have a big metal flower from shopping in Round Top years ago. 

Her dresser looks great against the purple as does her updated Abby Lu canvas originally in her blue room and purchased from Small Words Art. 

I love that I was able to update the canvas without having to invest in another one. I'll share the details of how I did that, straight from the original artist herself soon.

I updated her white shelves with items from her old room and other rooms in the house. These shelves are fun- I can sit things, lean things, and hang things until I get it just right!

On the opposite side of the window we added a tall Hemnes bookcase from IKEA. We sold her small book case to give us more room for books, toys, and other display items. I love this new bookcase and think it looks perfect in here. I had fun filling the shelves with all her goodies!

 We were able to keep her pink Pottery Barn Kids curtains above and just cut them down to be a valence. Her room was horribly dark and had a pink tint to everything when the sun was shining, so I love the short valence so much more!

As my husband was assembling the bookcase, I asked him for the back piece and decorated it with pink and white wrapping paper! It was a fun and easy addition to her bookcase. 

Above the bookcase, I added her bird cage, little birdie artwork from my friend Kelly, and two sweet little blankets she used as a baby that happened to match.

Finally, above the bed I had some fun! In addition to the fun frames I had painted from Hobby Lobby, I added four colored paper lanterns above her bed. I saw these years ago in a nursery and have loved them since. I would like to add a couple more to make them look more random. Plus, the purple color is way too pink for this room.

There you have it- Abby's new purple little girl room. She loves it and it didn't cost me a fortune, so I love it, too!