Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Party Snack Ideas

In planning for Abby's Merry and Bright 4th birthday party, I have come across so many cute displays for food! I am trying to focus on the activities for this party and not the food, so I won't be using all of these ideas, but I love them. Maybe you can use them! 

Brownie bites from the grocery store are delicious, so I can only imagine how great they would taste with a strawberry and a little frosting! These Santa hats are a great pop of color, a little sweet, and super cute.

Cake pops are everywhere and these are simply rice krispies rolled into balls and decorated with the colors of Christmas. I love the addition of the candy cane- it gives you a handle, tastes great and makes them look like ornaments with a hook!

I love a vertical food display- it doubles as a centerpiece and gives you more room in tight spaces. This blogger did a great job using small cookie cutters to make her tree a healthy and pretty display.

How sweet are these snow capped cupcakes? They didn't leave out any detail using an M&M on top and adding a sweet little sign!

Every kid I know loves powdered doughnuts, so I am sure they would love them on a stick with candy!

I have actually been at a party with a tree made from rice krispies and it was fun! You watched the tree get shorter and shorter as the party went on! Rice krispies are great for cookie cutters because you can use all your scraps and reshape them again and again. 

I hope you have a fun food-filled holiday party coming up and can use some of these cute foods!

* All of these pictures came from Pinterest and when available, the links take you to the original author. Click over and give them some love for the great ideas!