Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pinterest Printables on Canvas for Christmas

I love all of the super cute printables you can find on Pinterest these days and while I normally frame a couple each season, I thought it would be fun to canvas a set of them this year.

I found these chalkboard canvases and decided they would be the ones! I downloaded them from Nest of Posies and then printed them on regular copy paper at Office Max as an 8x10. My other supplies included 4 8x10 canvases from Hobby Lobby, ribbon the width of the canvas trim, Mod Podge, and my glue gun.

I trimmed the pictures to size and then applied a light even coat of Mod Podge on the canvas before smoothing my picture onto the canvas. Don't worry if the edges lift a little.

Next I put another light coat on top of the pictures focusing on the edges. Don't worry if it looks blotchy, it will dry clear....

See! All better now that it is dry!

You could be done at this point, but I wanted to add some ribbon to disguise the canvas a little more. I bought red gingham from Hobby Lobby and just made sure it was the width of my canvas. 

Using hot glue, I ran a strip of glue along the edge of one side and applied my ribbon. I started and stopped on the top right corner with each one. I over lapped the ribbon just a little on each. I used the top as my break thinking everyone who sees these will be shorter than the top. :)

I placed these in my dining room in a spot where I normally have canvases of my daughter. I love the look they create for the holidays!

What do you think?

If you like a little more sparkle in your decor, I think these would be cute with a little silver or gold glitter in key places. I would use glue and highlight word JOY and then sprinkle glitter and dust off the excess. Decorating the curly Qs around tidings would also be fun!

So glad Nest of Posies played around with chalkboard effects and shared with us!