Thursday, March 21, 2013

No Sew Peep Bunny Garland

 I hosted a handful of friends Tuesday night for craft night! I always love having a few girls over with good cake and glue guns! We had fun making no sew peep bunny garland. It is super simple and we all could have finished in about 2 hours.... if we weren't talking so much!

Aren't my little bunnies cute?

Each girl brought 8.5x11 felt sheets, coordinating ribbon and a brown or black marker. I had extra scissors and glue guns on hand for the fun. 

Using the bunny pattern found here, trace your bunny onto the felt sheets. We were able to get 6 per sheet. Cut them out with scissors or pinking shears. Then, using a dark marker add three dots to represent eyes and a nose just like candy peeps have. 

Using hot glue, string your bunnies onto ribbon by their ears. Hang your garland and enjoy!

If you'd like to get all fancy, your can sew and stuff your peeps like Dana did here. Super cute!