Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two New Summer Favorites

We had dinner at a friend's house recently and I was responsible for sides and dessert to accompany burgers and brats. I went to Pinterest and checked my recent pins and decided to bring my favorite summertime Jalapeno Creamed Corn, fruit salad and an ice box pie.

This fruit salad is all over pinterest- such pretty colors and a really simple dressing. Just add 1/4 cup honey and 2-3 tablespoons of lime and toss it with the fruit. Given just a little time, it really sweetens all the fruit, but you don't realize it. The honey and lime blend right in and you still just taste the fruit. It made the strawberries so bright red and juicy!

For a more decadent dessert, I brought a Salted Caramel Ice Box Pie. I love anything slated caramel right now and this was no exception. It is creamy and light, cold and refreshing, and just a little salty! Two year old Cate at dinner kept saying, "yummy yummy cake". It was yummy yummy Cate!