Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Favorites: Marianna, BB Cream and Vinylux

I have found three new beauty products this summer that I just love!

Have you ever tried Marianna bobby pins? I recently had a professional do my hair and makeup for a DVD shoot and she recommended these "supreme" bobby pins after all of us girls asked how she was doing much magic with our hair? She would do a messy side bun and hold it firmly in place with 2 bobby pins! No joke!

Since the DVD shoot, the other girls from my church and I have tried all kinds of magic with bobby pins. I am still working on a cute braid! If you really want to get adventurous- there are tons of bobby pin videos on You Tube!

Stephanie, the artist, also did our make-up and wow- she made my eyes look amazing. You can see her video on makeup application here

I recently read an article on the new makeup out called BB Cream. Have you tried these yet? The L'Oreal brand was rated the best of the grocery store options, so I have been using it for about a month. My skin really is smoother and looks better when "nude". I use it instead of my moisturizer and tinted foundation. Just BB cream and powder it turning out to be a great summer combination. I bought mine at Target for under $10. BB Creams were started in Asia- you can read more here. There are also CC creams now. Who knew?

I recently took Shellac off my nails. It is too hard to make nail appointments in the summertime. My nail tech recommended a new product called Vinylux from CND who makes Shellac. It is not a gel polish, but a regular polish that is said to last a week. You just do two thin coats and then their top coat.

It didn't look perfect after a week, but looked much better than a regular manicure. I can't seem to make a manicure last more than 2 days! Plus, the colors are all the same as Shellac which is great if you have Shellac on and want to touch up or match up your toes. 

I bought mine from her, but Amazon has it and I am sure other retailers will be stocking their shelves soon. It is about $10 per bottle.

Any new products you have seen lately that I should try?