Saturday, August 10, 2013

Simple Washi Tape Bookmarks

 I ordered some washi tape off etsy and have found it to be so fun and easy! I will share a few more ideas for using it this month, but let's first start with using washi tape for bookmarks.

I am reading a one a day Bible this year and needed a bookmark to keep my place. With all of the e-readers out there, they don't exist much anymore. So, I crafted my own!

It is a folded piece of card stock, covered in cute washi tape and stays shut with two small magnets.

You can make one in just a few minutes and these are great for kids to make as back to school approaches!

I cut my piece of cardstock 3" long. I then added two pieces of washi tape and cut off the excess. If you know your washi tape is 1/2", then you can just cut your paper 1" wide. Essentially, you want it two pieces of washi tape wide and 3" long.

When you cover it in washi tape, just leave a little on the edges and fold it over and tape it down. This is what the inside looks like. I then covered the inside in 2 pieces of washi tape and cut the excess tape off at the end. It makes for a clean and fully covered piece of cardstock.

I then added a contrasting piece on the outside and centered it. It makes it more fun and covers the seam of the two pink pieces.

You will then want to add magnets to the inside. These are the ones I bought- they are the thinnest ones at Hobby Lobby.

Fold your bookmark in half (this is the inside you can see). Trim two magnets the same size. These magnets are sticky, so I removed the white sticker and attached the first magnet. Instead of trying to line up the top magnet just right, I removed the sticker on it, and connected the two magnets, then I shut the bookmark. 

When I opened it back up, I had two magnets stuck to the bookmark and perfectly aligned.

Here it is- my own cute little bookmark!

Happy Crafting and Happy Reading!