Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Tour 2013

Welcome to our home all decked out for Christmas!

My husband pulled out all of my Christmas buckets on the Friday after Thanksgiving and while he decorated outdoors and entertained our daughter, my Mom and I tackled the house. She focused on the Christmas trees and I took down fall and replaced it with a little red and green all over.

Our front porch has a hodge podge of outdoor decor. Our porch is long and skinny so the items are protected from the elements, but can't be too big. I love my shiny green tinsel wreath from Target last year and the JOY sign!

I use lots of red accents in my home which I think always works to my advantage at Christmas time. This red chest houses the small wooden nativity.

Next to it is an old wooden shutter I bought at a yard sale. I painted it black and have used it year round in many different ways. For the Christmas season, it holds the cards we receive. I love seeing all the happy families fill the shutter.

Down the long hall leading into the living room is a new piece of art- the hand print tree made at Abby's 4th birthday party last year. See details on her Merry & Bright party and the tree here

I own so much Christmas decor from 15 years of marriage and decorating. I didn't pull it all out, but tried to put like things together to give some cohesion. I am torn between wanting to get rid of some older things and waiting just a little longer for them to be vintage and cool again. 

The four pieces of art on the red wall where a Pinterest inspired project last year. Get the printables and directions here

Our living room is at the end of the long entry hall. To the left by the windows is our Master bedroom and to the right is the kitchen and formal dining room. This is where we live and where I focused most decorations this year.

The formal dining room is open to the living room and I used reds, lime green, and turquoise in here. I love throwing a little turquoise in with my decor.

One of the few craft projects I did this year was these mason jar snowglobes. I glued bottlebrush trees to the lid, added some fake snow, and closed the lid. Easy, inexpensive, and fun! They are on display on the high bar in my kitchen overlooking the living room.

The living room is a fun mix of reds, plaids, vintage Santas and my snow globe collection. I love how it turned out this year.

And a look at our tree at night, all lit up! This is how I see it most days. I love it. We have an 8 foot tall and skinny tree. I don't think my living room has the perfect sure spot for a tree. We have had it in three different places in 5 years. 

Our cat wanted in this shot! Hi, Jean Grey!

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Merry Christmas!