Friday, December 6, 2013

Ruffle Bib Sweatshirts and Tutorial

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I pinned these cute ruffle bib tank tops earlier this summer and was so sad that I never got around to making this before the weather turned cooler. Fast forward to last month when I was complaining that Abby only owns long sleeve t-shirts and has nothing for colder weather... no sweaters, fleece, etc. I told my husband I was going to buy her some cheap sweatshirts and try to make them cute.

The ruffle bib came back into play and they work perfectly to spice up an inexpensive sweatshirt.

I bought two sweatshirts for under $10 each from Old Navy and then dug around in my fabric scrap bin and button bins to find some things that match. Abby will love wearing the pink one because the floral fabric was a scrap from her favorite baby blanket she still likes to snuggle with. Her name is Plexi. :)

The tutorial from Shannon can be found here. She has step by step directions and photos. I did the fabric picking and cutting and my Mom sewed them over the Thanksgiving holiday. She said they took no time at all.